About Us


More than ten years we have been creating art caricatures. Works of our artists have pleased customers in more than forty countries. We are proud of it, because every smile, caused by the works of our artists, its one more small but very important victory over the commonplace.


Artists In their work come from the fact that the caricature, whether it is a light pencil sketch or a colorful picture, should serve as a model of true art. No discount on the "lack of seriousness of the genre" unacceptable for us, because, according to the classics, humor - the most serious thing in the world. That is why works of our artists never gathering dust in albums or boxes with old postcards. People again and again admire them, having from this joy. And we can not help but be proud of it.


Masterfully made caricature is able to convey individuality better than the best picture. That is why not every artist can become a caricaturist. You must be a subtle psychologist, physiognomist, if anything, even a philosopher to work with it . The ability to "on the fly" to identify the most characteristic features of not only appearance, but also a person's character is not given to everyone. But in order to display them on paper, you need the talent of the Master. We are proud of our artists, able to highlight the best features of each person and, if necessary, gently disguise its shortcomings.


Today, almost every family has the camera . In any small town dozens of masters of photography offer their services. But only a true master of art is able to catch the caricature and keep for many years to the very atmosphere of any event. Check out the event, we believe one of the most important and difficult tasks. Any holiday is dynamic. The artist simply has no right to miss the most characteristic, the key moments of the holiday. At the same time he should be able to "grab" and pass the little things which give the holiday a special uniqueness. A bit of good memories of the grotesque gives flavor, which lack pictures.

Why us?

  • Our caricatures and portraits are only original product of the creative work of artists without using ready-made templates and stencils.
  • Talented original artists who have passed strict professional selection fulfill orders.
  • Works are made in selected customer design with different painting techniques.
  • High quality products – we available file format jpg, having a resolution of 16 megapixels (4000x4000 pixels).
  • A transparent pricing policy ensures the availability and prices guaranteed no additional costs.
  • Fast delivery.
  • The high quality of our work is the grateful response of thousands of customers from different countries.
  • Availability of special loyalty programs makes cooperation with us even more profitable.
  • Thanks to all kinds of shares and prize drawings, many customers are waiting for a pleasant surprise.